Moisturiser For Men

A rich but rapidly absorbed cream that works well on problem skin, blending the musky tones of Frankincense with the deeper tones of Sandalwood and a light touch of Lemon.

£15 for 50ml : £30 for 100ml
Lavender, Peppermint F& Rosemary Foot Cream

As featured in The Saturday Telegraph Magazine and Weddings Magazine

A very cooling cream that soothes and relaxes tired, aching feet,  enhances circulation and reduces swelling. Not just for feet, it works well on any muscular ache or pain.

£30 for 100ml
Magic Cream

As featured in the Daily Mail You magazine, Country Life, the Daily Mirror, Baby Hampshire and Baby Surrey, Health Magazine, Mums Magazine, Angels & Urchins and SW Magazine


Originally created for the treatment of eczema and chicken pox, Magic Cream can be used for many different skin conditions and everyday ailments.  It can be used on all ages (from 2 months) and on all skin types (inlcuding on sensitive and broken skin). 

Made with the essential oils of Organic Wild Lavender and Organic German Chamomile, it is beautifully light and quickly absorbed.  It comes in two sizes - a convenient 50ml pot for handbag and travel or 100ml for around the home.

£15 for 50ml : £30 for 100ml
Grapefruit & Lime Bodywash & Shampoo

As featured in Rise Magazine

Fresh and energising, this very moisturising body wash and nourishing shampoo awakens the senses and stimulates the mind.

£25 for 250ml